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WHAT WE DO:  We do for investment real estate what executive headhunters do for business professionals.   We take the endless searching and tedious analysis off your hands. It’s like matchmaking, but for investors and properties. We utilize our Income Stream Integrity Standards™ model with your investment criteria to research and identify the quality investments that are buried in an ocean of search results. We identify the risk that many investors (and even brokers) overlook. We don’t push our own inventory on you. We scour the member-only databases you don’t have access to and make personal calls to the companies, institutions and brokers who have a history of having a quality inventory to analyze.

Owners / Investors     Read our 5-page report, “Risks & Remedies 2013,” for free.

Property Search    Our research. Your criteria. No unwanted calls.

Brokers / Reps     Safely refer your Texas clients (20% referrals.)

HOW WE ARE PAID:  There is no fee associated with our research and analysis.  We only receive a sales commission (usually paid by the seller) if and when you close on a property we’ve procured for you. Most of the time the buyer doesn’t pay a penny of the commission. If there is ever a case where a sales commission is expected to be paid by the buyer, you’ll know up-front and you can choose to simply pass on that property. Many buyers are surprised to learn the total commission has already been agreed upon in the Listing Agreement between the seller and his representing broker.  If you don’t have professional representation (like us) then the seller’s broker usually receives the total sum of the commission.  However, if you are being professionally represented, the Listing Agreement also generally states that your representation will receive half of the total commission being paid by the seller. Choosing to not have your own representation doesn’t result in a better deal for you.  It can, however, cost you in the long run.  Whether its us or another property research and analysis group, take advantage of the experience a professional brings to the table on your behalf.


(CoStar, LoopNet, Xceligent and Others)  Most commercial property databases offer a “public” or “free” component to their service.  However, only “premium members” (like us) can see the total available inventory. What you see from the public portal is only a fraction of the available properties.  Premium membership fees are expensive, but we couldn’t fully represent you otherwise.


The integrity (safety) of an income stream is not provided by any particular tenant.  It’s provided by the ability to obtain that same income stream, regardless of who the tenant is.  Through years of income property evaluation we have identified several metrics that signal added risk to an investment.  We’d be happy to speak with you about our Income Stream Integrity Standards™ model.  Just ask Bill or CB.


First you can expect a friendly voice that knows the value in representing a client well. (Or maybe it’s just an email you send.) Next, we’ll see whether you just have questions about triple net investment properties or if you are actively on the hunt. Either way, we don’t expect you to just give us your business and we don’t put the hard-sell on you. Once we’ve earned your trust with our knowledge and experience, we hope you’ll see the benefit in using our service and allow us to uncover the investment property that’s just right for your portfolio.


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