E&T Development

Dallas / Fort Worth Commercial Real Estate Development

E&T Development Services was a natural progression from our brokerage business to further help clients with their changing commercial real estate needs. Over the years we have found that there is a need for small retailers, professionals, and doctors to build and own their own properties. We have found unique ways to structure deals to suit each individual client, whether that means 0% ownership, 100% ownership, or anything in between. Our goal is not to build a product and then move, but to cultivate a relationship that turns into a development that then further morphs into property management.

At Ellis & Tinsley, Inc., we help clients create custom, complete build-to-suit office options with tenant ownership. We lead you through the entire process from concept to occupancy. Our goal is to help you by leveraging our experience to build the perfect building in order to maximize the success of your practice.

Services Include:

✓ Site Selection and Consultation

✓ Property Acquisition

✓ Site / Development Planning

✓ Construction Management

✓ Re-development of Existing Properties

✓ Investment Analysis

✓ Finish Out

Ready to let go of your commercial property management?

Our seasoned Fort Worth team is ready to work with you to manage your commercial property so that you can focus on other things while improving your assets.