Your Custom Property Search


HOW IT WORKS:  Results by email.  No hard sell.  No phone calls.

1)  We scour the member-only commercial databases you don’t have full access to.  2)  We make calls to the companies, institutions and brokers that have a good history of quality inventory.  3)  We email you the results of our search.

We believe you’ll find value in our research and analysis model.

We get that you don’t want just anyone representing your interests.  That’s why we are offering this customized search based upon the short-list of your criteria below.   This simple process helps you identify quality assets and provides us an opportunity to demonstrate our worth.   If you see a property you’re interested in, you call us.  Once you do, we’ll provide you with the full details and offer our own analysis of the property using the Income Stream Integrity Standards™ we’ve developed over a 35-year history of representing clients just like you.
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Bill Tinsley

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Charles (CB) Team

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